Exorcising the Ghosts of Jesus Past

 OCTOBER 29, 2020 BY VANCEMORGAN One Sunday, toward the end of a particularly lively and deep seminar with my “Living Stones” adult Christian education group after the morning service, I asked the group “so what makes us think that we are anything special, that Episcopalians have a better angle on God than anyone else? What makes […]

Evangelicalism Is Not Rounding the Corner

 OCTOBER 29, 2020 BY KRISTIN DU MEZ We welcome Peter Choi back  to the Anxious Bench today. Choi is Dean of Newbigin House, Associate Professor of American Christianity, and a member of the Consortial Faculty at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and author of George Whitefield: Evangelist for God and Empire. To read some pundits, American evangelicals have […]

Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win, But Eventually an Asteroid Will Destroy the World

BY HEMANT MEHTA OCTOBER 20, 2020 In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, televangelist Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club today that Donald Trump would definitely win the election… but if that bothers you, don’t worry! Because the world’s coming to an end very soon. Robertson said that “without question, Trump is going to win the election,” but it will result in widespread civil […]

Teacher Beheaded In France After Showing Political Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad

OCTOBER 17, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Religion Poisons Everything: Samuel Paty, a middle school teacher in France, was beheaded by an Islamic extremist after showing his class political cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed during a classroom discussion on free speech. The Guardian reports: A history teacher decapitated outside his secondary school in a Paris suburb on Friday after he […]

Trump Tries To Mock Joe Biden Because Biden Will ‘Listen To Scientists’

OCTOBER 19, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE The Anti-Science President: Speaking at a campaign rally in Nevada on Sunday, President Trump warned supporters that if elected Joe Biden would “listen to scientists.” Yahoo News reports: President Donald Trump sought to insult former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday by saying that his Democratic opponent would listen to scientists […]

GOP Senator James Lankford: God Wants Christian Men In Government

OCTOBER 19, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Theocracy Alert: Religious extremist and GOP Senator James Lankford argues God wants Christian men to serve in government.  Lankford, speaking on a conservative Christian podcast, made his argument for why he believes God wants “Godly men” to serve in the government. The U.S. senator representing Oklahoma argued that “the key to […]

This Book Shows Every Word in the King James Bible, Arranged Alphabetically

BY HEMANT MEHTA  OCTOBER 17, 2020 Joseph Ernst and Jan van Bruggen, designers at Sideline Collective, just released a special edition of the Bible which takes every single word in the King James Bible… and organizes them alphabetically. That’s it. That’s the book. It’s officially called Bible The. You can be the judge of whether the revelations are fascinating […]

If You Can Pray

OCTOBER 16, 2020 BY ANNE KENNEDY It is Friday, and I was about to think my way through Quick Takes, but instead of that, for those of you who pray and know all about that sort of thing, I would be really grateful if you could ask God for some mercy. My mom and dad–Bob and […]

Science vs. Christianity: When Worldviews Collide

 OCTOBER 15, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER Alister McGrath, an Anglican priest and professor of theology at Oxford, contrasted atheism and Christianity in an interview on the conservative Christian site The Stream: “An Atheist’s Reasonable Journey to Faith: An Interview With Alister McGrath.” You may know McGrath from The Dawkins Delusion, his response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, which I read shortly […]

COVID Cases on the Rise at “Christian Hogwarts” School in Redding, CA

BY HEMANT MEHTA OCTOBER 15, 2020 I posted earlier this month about how a COVID outbreak in Shasta County, California had been linked to Bethel Church, which is home to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, which is also known as “Christian Hogwarts,” and which is the home base for COVID-denying preacher/singer Sean Feucht. The school wouldn’t reveal how […]