LGBTQ Students Sued the Dept. of Ed. for Funding Their Bigoted Christian Schools

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 31, 2021 Dozens of students representing 25 different Christian colleges and universities have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education for giving federal funding to faith-based schools that discriminate against LGBTQ people. It’s an attempt to force the Biden administration to stop giving money to these bigoted Christian institutions. “The Plaintiffs seek safety and […]

Atheists Sue Ex-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for Making Colleges Fund Bigotry

BY HEMANT MEHTA  JANUARY 20, 2021 American Atheists and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are giving the Trump administration a going away present: They’re suing the Department of Education and Secretary Betsy DeVos in response to a policy that forces colleges to “financially support religious student groups that discriminate.” They’re referring to a rule published last […]

Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion WV GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Arrest for Capitol Siege

BY HEMANT MEHTA  JANUARY 10, 2021 You may have heard that Derrick Evans, a newly elected Republican delegate from West Virginia, has resigned after getting arrested and charged with federal crimes for his role in the Capitol siege. The moron incriminated himself when he was seen shouting “Move! Move!” as well as “We’re in, we’re in! Derrick Evans […]

Amy Coney Barrett: Abortion is “Barbaric” and IVF Should Be Criminalized

BY HEMANT MEHTA  OCTOBER 1, 2020 This is what happens when you nominate someone without extensively vetting her first. I’ve been fairly adamant in saying that Amy Coney Barrett shouldn’t be questioned about her Catholic faith, except for when it could interfere with her Supreme Court decision-making. Even though the whole nomination charade right now is utterly […]

Satanists Sue Lamar Advertising for Rejecting Their Pro-Abortion Billboards

BY HEMANT MEHTA OCTOBER 1, 2020 Last month, The Satanic Temple announced a new campaign meant to fight back against abortion restrictions throughout the country — especially as the ground collapses under the precedent of Roe v. Wade. The Satanists said that all first trimester abortions must be “exempt from state regulations that hinder access” to the procedure […]

AG William Barr: “Militant Secularists” Don’t Understand Church/State Separation

BY BETH STONEBURNER  SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 Attorney General William Barr spoke at the (virtual) National Catholic Prayer Breakfast yesterday and was awarded the “Christifideles Laici Award” for — and I’m not making this up — his Christ-like behavior. He used his acceptance speech, naturally, to further trash the concept of church/state separation. That crucial link between religion […]

Democrats Do Not Have “Anti-Catholic” Bias, No Matter What Republicans Tell You

BY HEMANT MEHTA  SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 With Donald Trump expected to name his Supreme Court nominee on Saturday, and with all eyes on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, conservatives have already latched on to a talking point about how any questions regarding Barrett’s faith and how it might influence her legal thinking are inherently anti-Catholic. More than anything, they’re pointing […]

Court Order Bans TN School District from Constantly Pushing Christianity on Kids

BY HEMANT MEHTA  SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 Back in November, the ACLU and its Tennessee chapter sued the Smith County School System in Nashville over its longstanding illegal promotion of Christianity. That case has finally been resolved with some welcome news from a judge. Here’s the backstory: According to Kelly Butler (an Army veteran) and his two kids, and Sharona and […]

Podcast Ep. 339: A Christian Hate-Preacher Was Banned on YouTube

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism. We talked about: — Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson no longer has his YouTube channels. I may have had something to do with that… (0:48) — Pastor John MacArthur‘s church has been shut down by a judge for violating COVID rules. (13:16) — A Hobby Lobby store urged […]

COVID-Denying Church Finally Goes Outside After County Issues $112,750 Penalty

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 For weeks now, North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California has been defying local COVID restrictions by holding massive indoor services that break the law by not requiring face masks, not taking social distancing seriously, and including singing (which spreads the virus). That’s why county officials posted a multi-page notice on the […]

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Banning State Officials from Closing Churches in a Pandemic

BY HEMANT MEHTA  SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 Ohio’s Gov. Mike DeWine has just signed into law House Bill 272, a bill that prohibits local government officials from shutting down places of worship… even in cases of a pandemic. The bill was passed with the support of nearly every Republican in the State Senate and every Republican in the State House. The relevant portion […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Could Mean the End of Church/State Separation

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg tonight is a stunning blow to progressives across the country and it throws yet another wrench into the upcoming election. You can bet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will nominate a replacement ASAP (the obvious hypocrisy be damned) and Donald Trump will do everything he can to rush through the youngest […]