Exorcising the Ghosts of Jesus Past

 OCTOBER 29, 2020 BY VANCEMORGAN One Sunday, toward the end of a particularly lively and deep seminar with my “Living Stones” adult Christian education group after the morning service, I asked the group “so what makes us think that we are anything special, that Episcopalians have a better angle on God than anyone else? What makes […]

Researchers Say Atheists Are Better Sleepers Than Catholics and Baptists

BY HEMANT MEHTA  AUGUST 31, 2020 In an extremely brief paper (technically a research abstract) that’s getting attention this week because it was presented at a virtual conference, students at Baylor University, using information from the 2017 Baylor Religion Survey, found that atheists sleep better than religious people. If it’s considered healthy to get between 7-9 hours of sleep […]

When Baptists Believed in the Bible—and Bourbon

AUGUST 26, 2020 BY DAVID SWARTZ Having lived in Kentucky for close to a decade now, I’ve found the commonwealth to be paradoxical. It’s located squarely in the Bible Belt. But it’s also the home to industries and practices—horse racing, tobacco, gambling, feuding, hemp, and bourbon—long looked upon by conservative Christians as sinful. As Jesse Stuart […]