Why a Single Human Cell is Not a Baby

 MARCH 1, 2021 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER See also: “A Defense of Abortion Rights: The Spectrum Argument”[Mother Teresa] preached that poverty was a gift from God.And she believed that womenshould not be given control over the reproductive cycle.Mother Teresa spent her whole life making sure thatthe one cure for poverty we know is sound was not implemented.— Christopher […]

Amy Coney Barrett: Abortion is “Barbaric” and IVF Should Be Criminalized

BY HEMANT MEHTA  OCTOBER 1, 2020 This is what happens when you nominate someone without extensively vetting her first. I’ve been fairly adamant in saying that Amy Coney Barrett shouldn’t be questioned about her Catholic faith, except for when it could interfere with her Supreme Court decision-making. Even though the whole nomination charade right now is utterly […]

Stupidity In Catholics: Deadly

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Catholic stupidity is deadlier than a host of evils. Last time, I wrote about the significance and intelligibility of sacraments. What do sacraments signify? What does a cruel Church signify? Here I pick up that thread by using the shortest distance between truth and a human being, a story. It […]

An Open Letter to Joe Biden

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 BY KRISTIN WILSON I do want to continue to say loudly, that if you are a Christian AND you vote Democrat, YOU MUST BE VERY VOCAL IN TELLING THEM THAT THEIR PLATFORM ON ABORTION IS AN ABOMINATION. You have the moral obligation to reach out to your representatives and say something like “I […]

Do Pro-Life Advocates Want to Reduce Abortion? Sure Doesn’t Look Like It.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER The most effective response to abortion is obvious, but pro-life advocates don’t see it. This is the conclusion of our analysis of the question, “Does Pro-life Logic Mean Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished?” addressed by Greg Koukl of the Stand to Reason podcast. (Start with part 1 here.) Pro-life […]

I Voted Democrat Because I Am Pro-Life

JANUARY 9, 2020 BY MARY PEZZULO They told me I had to vote Republican, because Republicans were pro-life. For awhile, I believed them. I voted Republican for years and years– at first, as a brainwashed conservative eighteen-year-old and later as a grown woman who didn’t like Republicans but felt like I’d be committing a sin if […]

‘When will we start shooting?’: Teen accused of firebombing Planned Parenthood shared far-right memes and fantasized about murder

By Katie Shepherd Jan. 8, 2020 at 7:21 a.m. EST It was almost 3 a.m. on Friday when a young Delaware man crossed the street and approached a rectangular building with a bright blue banner pinned to its stucco facade declaring, “Health Care Happens Here,” in bold white lettering. Then, he allegedly lit a molotov cocktail-like incendiary […]

South Carolina Bill Would Compensate Women Forced To Give Birth

DECEMBER 13, 2019 BY MICHAEL STONE Brilliant: A new bill in South Carolina would compensate women forced to give birth under proposed “pro-life” forced-birth draconian legislation currently under consideration in the state. Rewire News reports South Carolina State Senator Mia McLeod has pre-filed a bill that would require the state to compensate women forced to carry their […]