Such A Small Thing Made An Atheist?

 SEPTEMBER 27, 2020 BY J. H. MCKENNA, PH.D. Fifty years ago Becky pondered a preacher’s boasts about the ‘mercy’ of God.  The following week Becky sat under a gnarled and unwedgeable oak and thought about ‘mercy’ some more. After bit of cogitation, she stood up an atheist. Her reasons? To say that God has ‘mercy’ on humanity can […]

The One True God

If Christianity (or Islam) were true, the religion should’ve appeared in other areas around the world in complete cultural isolation from biblical locales. Such evidence would point toward a universal truth, an omnipresent God, but as we well know, God suspiciously obeys man made borders and does not reveal Himself until men arrive with books […]

When Christians Treat God Like a Baby

 JULY 11, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER My oldest granddaughter is now four years old, and I remember playing with her in her first year. I found myself treating her like I did my dog. Neither understood English very well, but they could understand tone. She grabs her toy? “What a smart girl!” She rolls over? “What […]

Slaves, Sons, and Submission

JULY 8, 2020 BY AVELLINA BALESTRI There is a common claim made that the distinction between Muslim and Christian understandings of God are a stark difference between a distant, remote, severe deity and an intimate, invested, and loving one. There is also much said with regards to the analogies of a Master/Slave relationship on the Islamic […]

From Epiphany to the Theophany at Jesus’ Baptism — God with Us

JANUARY 12, 2020 BY PAUL LOUIS METZGER Many Christians celebrated the Epiphany or manifestation of the Lord last week and remember Jesus’ Baptism today, though originally, they were celebrated together. Each event and celebration in their own way highlight the profound realization that God is with us—Immanuel (Matthew 1:23). To build on previous entries on Epiphany, […]

Christians: We Can End War In 2020

 JANUARY 4, 2020 BY KEITH GILES There are over 2.3 Billion Christians in the world today, according to most polls. In the USA, approximately 65% of Americans identify as Christians, or approximately 167 Million who claim to follow Jesus. Christianity is the world’s largest religious group. So, that means that if every one of those who claim to […]

Christian Prophet: If You Oppose Trump You Are Preventing ‘The Return Of Christ’

NOVEMBER 22, 2019 BY MICHAEL STONE If you oppose Trump, you oppose Christ: Frank Amedia, Trump’s “liaison for Christian policy,” claims that opposition to Trump is part of a demonic effort to “prevent the return of Christ.” Right Wing Watch reports: Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor who founded the POTUS Shield prayer effort to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of President […]