A Biblical Worldview: Toxic Christians’ Self-Serving Definition

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Hi and welcome back! Earlier, we talked about Joe Battaglia’s book Make America Good Again. As we discovered, it’s chock-full of culture-war talking points disguised in a thick slathering of Christianese. So we spent a few days talking about Christianese. For today’s entry, I’d already planned to discuss this phrase. But then, a Christian leader came […]

‘Christian Love’ Flows As Jen Hatmaker Divorces

 SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Hi and welcome back! I know nobody’s surprised when we talk about evangelical hypocrisy. They’re soaking in it! However, today’s story might represent one of the more egregious recent examples of that trope. Jen Hatmaker, a popular Christian speaker/author, recently announced her impending divorce. As expected, most people responded with compassion. But […]