An Explanation of Modern Christianity

NOVEMBER 20, 2020 BY JIM MEISNER JR. Mainstream media in America clearly don’t understand that there are different types of Christians; just as there are different types of media, ranging from the most conservative to the most liberal. On the far right: the Southern Baptist Convention, the Catholic Church, Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Vice President Mike […]

Every Town is Money

 AUGUST 28, 2020 BY MARY PEZZULO Today is the Roman Catholic feast of Saint Augustine, who was an African man with an African mother, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at most of his icons– and of Saint Moses the Strong, whom nobody could whitewash. Most paintings of Augustine make him look like he’s from […]

Keeping our Brothers and Sisters

 JULY 11, 2020 BY JOHN MARK N. REYNOLDS Moral men have a duty to help their neighbors, but nobody has an obligation to force other people to help. Jesus told a story of a Good Samaritan who crossed difficult social and cultural barriers to provide relief to an injured man. This is a good model for […]