Christian who breached Capitol says rioters did what they had to do

 JANUARY 7, 2021 BY BARRY DUKE MEET Leo Kelly, one of the first lunatics to storm the Capitol building after hearing Trump ranting outside the White House yesterday. And once inside, as a Bible-believing Christian, he joined others in prayer on the Senate floor. In an interview with LifeSiteNews, the conspiracy theorist parroted Trump’s claim for election fraud, […]

Christian professor sacked over ‘Little Hitler’ YouTube song

 OCTOBER 1, 2020 BY BARRY DUKE A SONG intended to counter ‘dangerous humanism’ that fails to acknowledge innate human ‘sinfulness’ has resulted in the sacking of the singer, Jim Spiegel, above, from his post as a professor at Indiana’s Taylor University. The sacking, according to Campus Reform, came after Spiegel refused to remove his “Little Hitler” song from […]

The Christian Conspiracy: In Pursuit of Truth

SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 BY PAUL LOUIS METZGER In “Conspiracy Theories: In Pursuit of Truth,” I claimed that New Testament Christianity may have been a conspiracy theory movement. I made that claim based on a certain definition of “conspiracy theory.” To repeat that definition, political scientist Joseph E. Uscinski, an expert on the subject matter, defines conspiracy theories in a […]

What it Truly Means to be Free

 SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 BY VANCEMORGAN Iris Murdoch is one of my favorite philosophers and novelists, but I seldom get to use her work in my teaching. Murdoch claimed to be an atheist, but she also believed that true moral commitment requires belief in something greater than ourselves, something transcendent not subject to the vagaries and whims […]

Religion tilts justice scale in incestuous rape of young Missouri girl

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 BY RICK SNEDEKER Christianity is often as much about supposed God-given male authority on earth as it is about belief in a cosmic God. And therein lies the rub. A disturbing news story this week attests to this problem, and to the enormous vulnerability this cultural mindset exposes girls and women to in deeply fundamentalist Christian communities […]

American Atheists: Is Christianity being subtly fed to students online?

 SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 BY RICK SNEDEKER While American public-school children are hunched over their devices attending online virtual classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, an evangelical Christian organization appears to be busy inserting religious propaganda into their curricula in Ohio, church/state separation watchdog American Atheists (AA) warns. New Jersey-based AA in a press release issued Tuesday announced the launch […]

Another Former Creation Museum Staffer Speaks Out About Ken Ham’s Toxic Empire

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 Last summer, a former employee of the Creation Museum, Ariella Duran, explained the “toxic culture” of that work environment in a lengthy Facebook post. She worked for Answers in Genesis for just over two years in “every single existing department,” finally leaving in 2017 for a variety of professional and personal reasons. […]

The Curious Case of Popular Evangelical Leaders

 SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 BY LIBBY ANNE This caught my eye, in an article announcing that Liberty University will be investigating Jerry Falwell Jr.’s tenure: In Monday’s statement announcing the investigation, Liberty’s board also said it is considering establishing a post aimed at offering spiritual guidance for university leaders to ensure they “live out the Christian walk expected […]

BSR 27: There Are No Good Reasons to Believe in Miracles

 AUGUST 26, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER Summary of reply: redefining “miracle” is not helpful, “consciousness” is no more miraculous than a thousand other abstract nouns, and David Hume’s recommendation for critiquing miracles is still valid. (These Bite-Size Replies are responses to “Quick Shots,” brief Christian responses to atheist challenges. The introduction to this series is here.) Challenge to […]

The One True God

If Christianity (or Islam) were true, the religion should’ve appeared in other areas around the world in complete cultural isolation from biblical locales. Such evidence would point toward a universal truth, an omnipresent God, but as we well know, God suspiciously obeys man made borders and does not reveal Himself until men arrive with books […]

Here’s How We Know Jesus Wasn’t White

BY HEMANT MEHTA JULY 28, 2020 The video below, from my YouTube channel (please subscribe!), discusses a question that we really shouldn’t have to ask: Was Jesus white? Somehow, this is a matter of debate among right-wing Christians. If you like what you’re seeing, please consider supporting my work on Patreon. (Original image via Shutterstock)

Christian Activist: Women’s Right To Vote ‘Product Of Soviet Bolshevik Revolution’

 JULY 13, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Misogyny For Jesus: Conservative Christian activist Scott Lively claims a woman’s right to vote is a “product of the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution” and runs contrary to “a truly Biblical worldview.” Lively, a radical anti-LGBT Trump-loving conservative Christian, made his remarks during Sunday’s “Breaking News Bible Study” program, which airs on […]