LGBTQ Students Sued the Dept. of Ed. for Funding Their Bigoted Christian Schools

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 31, 2021 Dozens of students representing 25 different Christian colleges and universities have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education for giving federal funding to faith-based schools that discriminate against LGBTQ people. It’s an attempt to force the Biden administration to stop giving money to these bigoted Christian institutions. “The Plaintiffs seek safety and […]

Whistleblower: Australian Politicians Have Sex in the Parliament Prayer Room

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 23, 2021 There’s a sex scandal involving Australia’s Parliament that’s getting a lot of attention mostly because of how lurid the stories are. In addition to separate claims of sexual abuse, there are images circulating of a government staffer masturbating on a female lawmaker’s desk (with a Parliamentary rule book in the background), […]

Lying Creationist: Evolution Says Dinosaurs Farted Themselves Into Extinction

BY HEMANT MEHTA  MARCH 15, 2021 Matt Powell, the hate-preacher and Creationist who appears to have dedicated his life to making atheists look smart, has done it again. Fresh off of his humiliating video claiming scientists believe in surfing monkeys, he’s now pretending dinosaurs farted themselves into extinction. I know this because his latest video is called […]

A Baptist Pastor Delivered a Wildly Sexist Sermon Telling Wives to Lose Weight

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 1, 2021 Here’s some free relationship advice for you: Never listen to Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri. During a sermon he delivered on February 21 — which has since been deleted from the church’s website and YouTube/Vimeo — Clark gave a sermon on how to keep your marriage strong. […]

Survey: 21% of Black Americans Are Religious “Nones” but Very Few Are Atheists

BY HEMANT MEHTA  FEBRUARY 16, 2021 A major new survey released today by the Pew Research Center finds that roughly 21% of Black Americans are not affiliated with any organized religion. And when you look to younger members of that demographic, the number only gets larger. Before you get excited though, the survey also finds that those […]

Christian “Prophet”: Trump Will Be Back in the White House as President by June

BY HEMANT MEHTA  FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Before the election, self-proclaimed Christian “prophet” Jeff Jansen said the race was a matter of “good versus evil.” (Okay. “Good” won.) But Jansen still hasn’t accepted the outcome of the election, insisting last week that Donald Trump is still president and will return to the White House by this summer. “He’s not our president,” Jansen declared about […]

Christian Mom: eHarmony Ad with Lesbians Eating Ice Cream “Brainwashes” Viewers

BY HEMANT MEHTA  JANUARY 30, 2021 There was a time when the dating website eHarmony, founded by a conservative Christian, wouldn’t allow gay people to find matches. After a lawsuit, a separate-but-equal website, and all kind of internal machinations, the site now permits searching for same-sex partners. That’s the focus of a recent ad featuring a lesbian […]

QAnon Advocate Admits “There’s No Evidence for that Plan Ever Materializing”

BY BETH STONEBURNER JANUARY 30, 2021 While many conspiracy theorists are still holding strong despite the overwhelming evidence that their fantasy world isn’t real, one of them is beginning to crack. Conservative activist and former ringleader for the QAnon movement DeAnna Lorraine, who recently said she wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine even if Jesus were to take […]