Tennessee Republican Tries (Again) to Make the Bible the “Official State Book”

BY HEMANT MEHTA  FEBRUARY 9, 2020 In 2015, Tennessee State Rep. Jerry Sexton filed a bill to make the Holy Bible the official state book. It didn’t work. While the bill passed in the House, the Senate did nothing with it, in part because even Attorney General Herbert Slatery said it was unconstitutional. In 2016, Sexton’s GOP colleague State Sen. Steve […]

Megachurch Mess

 FEBRUARY 10, 2020 BY JAMES A. HAUGHT By James A. Haught Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey helped create a four-season television series – “Greenleaf” – about a black megachurch where worshipers whoop, sway, dance, wave arms, squeal, shout and shell out truckloads of money. Some commentators say the series “shows the best and worst of Christianity,” […]

Satanic Temple Trolls Trump’s Spiritual Adviser After She Prays To End ‘Satanic Pregnancies’

JANUARY 27, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Doing the Lords’s work: The Satanic Temple responds after President Trump’s spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, calls for an end to “satanic pregnancies.” In an open letter to White, Lucien Greaves, Co-founder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, expressed their pleasure with the fact that White recently declared: We command any satanic pregnancies […]

Sean Hannity: Trump Political Operative

JANUARY 23, 2020 BY ED BRAYTON Media Matters points out the rather obvious, that Fox News host Sean Hannity is also am important political operative for Donald Trump. He acts as an adviser on the phone with Trump on an apparent near-nightly basis, appears and speaks at his campaign rallies, acts as a go-between for Trump and […]

Peter’s Pence: US bishops are being sued for ‘lying and stealing’

JANUARY 23, 2020 BY BARRY DUKE IN the wake of a Wall Street Journal exposé last December that claimed that Peter’s Pence, the Pope’s principal charity, gave only ten percent of the millions raised from the Catholic faithful to the needy, comes news that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is being sued for taking donations under false pretenses. […]

Report: New Orleans Saints Conspired With Catholic Church To Protect Pedophile Priests

 JANUARY 24, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Religion poisons everything: Evidence shows that executives from the NFL’s New Orleans Saints football team conspired with the Catholic church to protect pedophile priests. ESPN reports: The New Orleans Saints are going to court to keep the public from seeing hundreds of emails that allegedly show team executives doing public […]

Trump Spiritual Adviser Paula White Orders End To ‘Satanic Pregnancies’

 JANUARY 26, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE What happened to “Pro-Life”? President Trump’s spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, wants to put an end to “satanic pregnancies.” In a bizarre rant captured by Right Wing Watch, White “takes authority over the marine kingdom, the animal kingdom, and all ‘satanic pregnancies’ that seek to harm Trump or the church.” […]

The Prison of Belief

 JANUARY 20, 2020 BY JAMES A. HAUGHT By James A. Haught When people accept supernatural claims of a religion, their lives are altered. They commit themselves to belief in miracles, prophecies and similar magic, which orients their view of reality. It confines them, hindering their ability to consider other possibilities. This narrowed lifestyle can be called […]

White House Streams Church Service Claiming ‘Demonic Spirit’ Causes Homosexuality

 JANUARY 21, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Theocracy Alert: The White House YouTube account is streaming a vile anti-gay church sermon attended by Vice President Mike Pence. Newsweek reports: Vice President Mike Pence called for people to remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “in these divided times” while attending a church where a bishop described how “the devil” […]

Virginia man charged in alleged swatting ring targeting African Americans and Jewish people

By Rebekah Riess, CNN Updated 10:42 PM ET, Tue January 14, 2020 John William Kirby Kelley (CNN)The Justice Department has charged a Virginia man with conspiracy to make threats over “swatting” calls he made as part of an online network that targeted African Americans and Jewish people, according to an FBI affidavit.“Swatting” is a prank call […]


JANUARY 21, 2020 BY JAMES F. MCGRATH I don’t know how I missed coming across this term until now, but I’m so incredibly happy to have added it to my vocabulary. Sarahbeth Caplin referred to “narcegesis” in the context of her comments on Anne Graham Lotz’s remarks about Donald Trump’s removal of troops from Syria perhaps being […]