Candace Owens: Affirming Transgender Children “Is Actually Satanic”

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 During an interview over the weekend, conservative commentator Candace Owens claimed that Satan was behind the affirmation of transgender identities. Literally Satan. Owens and BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey said it was harmful to use proper pronouns and affirm trans identities for children even though literally the opposite is true. OWENS: … How do […]

Orthodox Church Leader Who Blamed COVID-19 On Gays Is Now Sick With Virus

 SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE When In Doubt, They Blame The Gays: Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Filaret contracts coronavirus after blaming gays for the virus. The church leader who recently claimed COVID-19 was “God’s punishment” for same-sex marriage has been hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.  ABC News reports: Leading Ukrainian religious figure Patriarch Filaret […]

Michele Bachmann: Bible Warned ‘Transgender Marxists’ Would Overthrow U.S. Government

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE The Stupid, It Burns: Former Minnesota congresswoman and Christian extremist Michele Bachmann claims that “transgender Marxists” are “seeking to overthrow” the U.S. government, just like the Bible predicted. Bachmann, appearing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s “The Victory Channel” last week said: Antifa is, if you go to their website, their materials, they […]

Trump Says He Never Called McCain A ‘Loser’—Here’s The Evidence That He Did

Jack BrewsterForbes StaffBusinessI’m a news reporter for Forbes.Updated Sep 4, 2020, 02:43pm EDT TOPLINE While denying a report from The Atlantic that he made disparaging comments about veterans, including the late Sen. John McCain, President Trump falsely claimed he never called the former Arizona senator a “loser.” KEY FACTS Citing unnamed sources, The Atlantic reported Trump made multiple derogatory remarks about veterans, calling […]

Christian Host: Avoid Smart Women Since You Have to Consider Their Sexual Needs

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, who has said that the world needs “more white babies,” praised “white power,” and called the late Rep. John Lewis “evil,” wants you to know he hates women, too. During his show yesterday, Peterson urged men to avoid marrying educated women because they won’t be homemakers… and you would have […]

Apocalypse Then VS. Apocalypse Now

 AUGUST 26, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Apocalypse then meant something, and Revelation, as well as any other Scripture, must first be read according to this literal sense. How differently we read Apocalypse these days compared with how it’s first audience read it. Apocalypse then? It was understood to be about the sky and it’s denizens, an ancient Israelite astronomic report. […]

In Failed Prayer, Preacher Rick Wiles Tells God to “Muzzle Hurricane Laura”

BY HEMANT MEHTA  AUGUST 27, 2020 Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles told God to “muzzle” Hurricane Laura during his “TruNews” show yesterday. That was before it jumped to an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm and made landfall overnight. While the hurricane has decreased to a Category 2 storm, it’s still creating chaos and there’s no telling how many lives […]

Lawlessness, Power, & Authorit

AUGUST 28, 2020 BY GENE VEITH I commend to you two posts from my fellow Patheos bloggers. To learn what it feels like when law and order completely breaks down around you, read this post by  Grayson Gilbert, who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin, writing as his neighborhood is being looted and his community is going up in […]

Chadwick Boseman Forever

AUGUST 29, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Chadwick Boseman is dead at 43, leaving us a legacy of heroes reminding us that black lives matter. The just warrior-king, T’Challa of Wakanda, is gone. Chadwick Boseman, 43, died yesterday from Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He was home with family. Chadwick Boseman’s Quiet Battle People saw Boseman looking terribly […]

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

 AUGUST 29, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Is Donald Trump the Antichrist, or does the book called Revelation say nothing about either person? Donald Trump, the Antichrist? Things are pretty bad. Can we possibly have a POTUS more disastrous than Donald Trump? What a chilling consideration to make! Terrifying to imagine it, yes, I do think […]

COVID Outbreak Linked To Televangelist Who Claimed Jesus Protects Christians From Virus

JULY 26, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Selling Snake Oil: A COVID outbreak is being linked to a Bible conference held by televangelist Andrew Wommack, who recently promised his followers that Jesus protects Christians from the coronavirus. Westword reports: Colorado Springs-based Andrew Wommack Ministries followed up a six-day conference with a celebration attended by over 800 people, despite an attempt […]

Phylogeny Challenge

AronRa This is the ultimate challenge to be answered by anyone hoping to promote creationism; the identification of “created kinds”? Any intrepid creationist who attempts to meet this challenge will instead discover a truth which John Muir once described thus: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything […]

Unfulfilling Prophecy

AronRa I still keep seeing the same old already-refuted all over social media. What’s it take to make these arguments die? I’m tired of repeating myself. So I’m making a series of short videos dealing with the PRATTs that we always see repeated every week from every creationist out there.

What Is Zoroastrianism?

What do Emperor Xerxes, Freddie Mercury, and Ireland’s richest citizen Pallonji Mistry have in common? All of them are Zoroastrians. The ancient religion of Iran. This is one of the oldest ongoing religions and altered the course of history by influencing Judaism, Christanity, Islam, and Greek philosophy. Zoroastrianism was born in ancient Iran at least […]