Deep State, Deep Market, Shallow Jesus, Shallow Church

 SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 BY PAUL LOUIS METZGER Different attempts have been made to define and reflect upon “deep state”. Here are a few titles: “What Is the Deep State?”; “The Deep State Is Real?”; “Deconstructing the Deep State”; “President Trump’s Allies Keep Talking About the ‘Deep State.’ What’s That?”; and “Here’s the Memo that Blew Up the NSC.” Here’s how Merriam-Webster […]

Autopsy of a Deconstruction: Jon Steingard and the foundations of faith

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 BY ERIK STRANDNESS The former Hawk Nelson singer is gracious and vulnerable in talking about how his faith fell apart on Unbelievable?. He’s among a number of recent high-profile deconstruction stories. But are these collapses due to the power of the forces that toppled their worldview? Or the poor construction that went into building […]

Here’s How We Know Jesus Wasn’t White

BY HEMANT MEHTA JULY 28, 2020 The video below, from my YouTube channel (please subscribe!), discusses a question that we really shouldn’t have to ask: Was Jesus white? Somehow, this is a matter of debate among right-wing Christians. If you like what you’re seeing, please consider supporting my work on Patreon. (Original image via Shutterstock)

People Are Angry That the Archbishop of Canterbury Said Jesus Wasn’t White

 JUNE 27, 2020 Following conversations (arguments) in the U.S. about whether “white European” Jesus statues ought to be torn down along with those of Confederate soldiers, the Archbishop of Canterbury chimed in to say that Jesus Christ should at least not be portrayed as a white man. Archbishop Justin Welby said, correctly, that different cultures often showcase […]

Authorship of the Fourth Gospel Revisited

MARCH 5, 2020 BY MICHAEL F. BIRD Over at the White Horse Inn is a great discussion with Richard Bauckham, D.A. Carson, Craig Blomberg, Andreas Kostenberger, Lydia McGrew, and others on the authorship of the Gospel of John. I’m glad to say that Mike Horton sides with Richard Bauckham here! For me, part of a clincher is John […]

Father Found Guilty, Mom Takes Plea Deal After Starving Daughter For ‘Religious Reasons’

 FEBRUARY 25, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Faith Healing Kills: Conservative Christian parents in Michigan who refused to get their dying daughter medical attention because of “religious reasons” now face 25 years to life in prison. The Cedars Spring Post reports: Seth Michael Welch, 28, was found guilty of felony murder and first-degree child abuse for the death […]