FFRF applauds New Mexico’s decision to uphold abortion rights

MARCH 1, 2021 BY FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION By Barbara AlvarezAnne Nicol Gaylor Reproductive Rights InternFreedom From Religion Foundation The Freedom From Religion Foundation applauds a recent move by the New Mexico Legislature to annul a 1969 state statute criminalizing abortion. On Friday, Feb. 26, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law Senate Bill 10, […]

The Lack of Opposite-Gender Friendships Among Evangelicals is Itself a Problem

BY BETH STONEBURNER SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 Christian-turned-atheist Patheos blogger Libby Anne wrote an eye-opening blog post this week on why evangelicals don’t do opposite-sex friendships. The inspiration came from the following tweet: Says Libby Anne: In evangelical churches, any cross-gender relationship is always, always, always portrayed as dangerous. The moment a teenage girl and boy get friendly, adults in the congregation start […]

Christian Host: Avoid Smart Women Since You Have to Consider Their Sexual Needs

BY HEMANT MEHTA SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, who has said that the world needs “more white babies,” praised “white power,” and called the late Rep. John Lewis “evil,” wants you to know he hates women, too. During his show yesterday, Peterson urged men to avoid marrying educated women because they won’t be homemakers… and you would have […]

An Introduction to Bro-Dude Christianity

SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Hello and welcome! A few months ago, we talked about evangelicals’ reckoning with mental illness in their ranks. One flavor of Christianity seems especially vulnerable to this problem, too: bro-dude Christians. Today, let me show you what bro-dude Christianity is — and how it’s made toxic Christianity even worse. (Disclaimer: Today, we discuss toxic Christianity. Obviously, quite a […]