Far from being anti-religious, faith and spirituality run deep in Black Lives Matter

 SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 BY THE CONVERSATION By Hebah H. Farrag of University of Southern California – Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and Ann Gleig of University of Central Florida Black Lives Matters (BLM) has been portrayed by its detractors as many things: Marxist, radical, anti-American. Added to this growing list of charges is that it is either irreligious or doing religion wrong. In late […]

Is Your Prolife Stance Really Pro-Life?

 JULY 4, 2020 BY KARL J. FOREHAND One reality of our political climate in the United States is that it divides us up into identifiable camps.  While it doesn’t make for productive discussions, it does allow me to generalize without being too far off base.   So, please understand that this is only my opinion and it […]

A white woman demanded a nonblack server at Olive Garden. A manager fulfilled her ‘disgusting’ request and was fired for it.

rmahbubani@businessinsider.com (Rhea Mahbubani) INSIDERMarch 5, 2020, 12:21 PM EST George Sheldon/Shutterstock A white customer at an Olive Garden in Indiana on Saturday flew off the handle after being seated in an area with a black server and screamed at a manager for someone else to help her table, a hostess told NBC News. The hostess, who’s […]

Virginia man charged in alleged swatting ring targeting African Americans and Jewish people

By Rebekah Riess, CNN Updated 10:42 PM ET, Tue January 14, 2020 John William Kirby Kelley (CNN)The Justice Department has charged a Virginia man with conspiracy to make threats over “swatting” calls he made as part of an online network that targeted African Americans and Jewish people, according to an FBI affidavit.“Swatting” is a prank call […]