Do Pro-Life Advocates Want to Reduce Abortion? Sure Doesn’t Look Like It.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER The most effective response to abortion is obvious, but pro-life advocates don’t see it. This is the conclusion of our analysis of the question, “Does Pro-life Logic Mean Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished?” addressed by Greg Koukl of the Stand to Reason podcast. (Start with part 1 here.) Pro-life […]

Is Your Prolife Stance Really Pro-Life?

 JULY 4, 2020 BY KARL J. FOREHAND One reality of our political climate in the United States is that it divides us up into identifiable camps.  While it doesn’t make for productive discussions, it does allow me to generalize without being too far off base.   So, please understand that this is only my opinion and it […]