Whistleblower: Australian Politicians Have Sex in the Parliament Prayer Room

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 23, 2021 There’s a sex scandal involving Australia’s Parliament that’s getting a lot of attention mostly because of how lurid the stories are. In addition to separate claims of sexual abuse, there are images circulating of a government staffer masturbating on a female lawmaker’s desk (with a Parliamentary rule book in the background), […]

Lying Creationist: Evolution Says Dinosaurs Farted Themselves Into Extinction

BY HEMANT MEHTA  MARCH 15, 2021 Matt Powell, the hate-preacher and Creationist who appears to have dedicated his life to making atheists look smart, has done it again. Fresh off of his humiliating video claiming scientists believe in surfing monkeys, he’s now pretending dinosaurs farted themselves into extinction. I know this because his latest video is called […]

The Long, Slow Death of Religion

MARCH 15, 2021 BY JAMES A. HAUGHT By James A. Haught By now, it’s clear that religion is fading in America, as it has done in most advanced Western democracies. Dozens of surveys find identical evidence: fewer American adults, especially those under 30, attend church — or even belong to a church. They tell interviewers their […]

Jesus Saves (From What?)

 MARCH 19, 2021 BY KEITH GILES After reading and re-reading the New Testament, I’m now fully convinced that our view of salvation isn’t what the authors of the Gospels or the Epistles had in mind when they used this term. As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, the phrase “He saved others but he cannot save […]

FFRF applauds New Mexico’s decision to uphold abortion rights

MARCH 1, 2021 BY FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION By Barbara AlvarezAnne Nicol Gaylor Reproductive Rights InternFreedom From Religion Foundation The Freedom From Religion Foundation applauds a recent move by the New Mexico Legislature to annul a 1969 state statute criminalizing abortion. On Friday, Feb. 26, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law Senate Bill 10, […]

A Baptist Pastor Delivered a Wildly Sexist Sermon Telling Wives to Lose Weight

BY HEMANT MEHTA MARCH 1, 2021 Here’s some free relationship advice for you: Never listen to Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri. During a sermon he delivered on February 21 — which has since been deleted from the church’s website and YouTube/Vimeo — Clark gave a sermon on how to keep your marriage strong. […]

Why a Single Human Cell is Not a Baby

 MARCH 1, 2021 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER See also: “A Defense of Abortion Rights: The Spectrum Argument”[Mother Teresa] preached that poverty was a gift from God.And she believed that womenshould not be given control over the reproductive cycle.Mother Teresa spent her whole life making sure thatthe one cure for poverty we know is sound was not implemented.— Christopher […]