Trump The Anointed?

By Paul A. Djupe and Ryan P. Burge Last fall, we wrote about the extent to which white Protestants believed Donald Trump was anointed by God to be president of the United States. Just 21% believed this, but evangelicals were more likely to believe it (29%), and pentecostals were the most likely (53%). This belief didn’t come […]

Father Found Guilty, Mom Takes Plea Deal After Starving Daughter For ‘Religious Reasons’

 FEBRUARY 25, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Faith Healing Kills: Conservative Christian parents in Michigan who refused to get their dying daughter medical attention because of “religious reasons” now face 25 years to life in prison. The Cedars Spring Post reports: Seth Michael Welch, 28, was found guilty of felony murder and first-degree child abuse for the death […]