Pastors Upset Over Supreme Court’s LGBT Ruling

 JUNE 29, 2020 BY ED BRAYTON The Supreme Court recently ruled that businesses can’t discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and the American Pastors Network is quite upset about it. The American Pastors Network devoted time in recent episodes of its “Stand in the Gap” broadcast to denouncing the Supreme Court’s June […]

Christian media ignore new UK study that shows the godless are least likely to be affected by COVID-19

 JUNE 21, 2020 BY BARRY DUKE AFTER the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed on June 19 that people who have ‘no religion’ had the lowest rate of death involving Covid-19 between March 2 and May 15, Freethinker reader ‘Broga’ predicted in a comment that this report was unlikely to get much coverage. On this one, silence will be […]

People Are Angry That the Archbishop of Canterbury Said Jesus Wasn’t White

 JUNE 27, 2020 Following conversations (arguments) in the U.S. about whether “white European” Jesus statues ought to be torn down along with those of Confederate soldiers, the Archbishop of Canterbury chimed in to say that Jesus Christ should at least not be portrayed as a white man. Archbishop Justin Welby said, correctly, that different cultures often showcase […]