Can One Be an Evangelical and Roman Catholic?

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 BY ROGER E. OLSON Can One Be an Evangelical Christian and Roman Catholic? This question—whether one can be both a Roman Catholic and an evangelical Christian has arisen many times before. Now some are asking it in relation to the reported conversion of recently retired senior editor of Christianity Today editor Mark Galli. Some historical background to my response is in […]

Evangelicals vs. the Commandments

 SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 BY JAMES F. MCGRATH Evangelicalism’s representatives tend to be characterized by two major characteristics: loud denunciation of the sins of others combined with the revelation sooner or later that those individuals were themselves living lives that are sinful by their own standards. Sometimes they are the very same sins they denounced, but not always. […]

Trump The Anointed?

By Paul A. Djupe and Ryan P. Burge Last fall, we wrote about the extent to which white Protestants believed Donald Trump was anointed by God to be president of the United States. Just 21% believed this, but evangelicals were more likely to believe it (29%), and pentecostals were the most likely (53%). This belief didn’t come […]

Authorship of the Fourth Gospel Revisited

MARCH 5, 2020 BY MICHAEL F. BIRD Over at the White Horse Inn is a great discussion with Richard Bauckham, D.A. Carson, Craig Blomberg, Andreas Kostenberger, Lydia McGrew, and others on the authorship of the Gospel of John. I’m glad to say that Mike Horton sides with Richard Bauckham here! For me, part of a clincher is John […]

The Christian Slapfight Over the Toronto Blessing Reveals a Dealbreaker Problem

 JANUARY 18, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Man alive, ain’t nothing more entertaining to me than watching Christians argue about doctrine. And their slapfights around the Toronto Blessing (TTB) might be some of the best reality-TV the religion’s had in recent memory. This whole thing happened decades ago, but they’re still not ready to make nice–even at the […]

Trump as Antichrist

 JANUARY 9, 2020 BY JAMES F. MCGRATH There have been a lot of discussion on blogs and elsewhere online about the possibility that U. S. president Donald Trump might be the antichrist. Ironically, and at the same time both disappointingly and rather refreshingly, this discussion hasn’t been among those who’ve been predicting the imminent arrival of the […]

How Evangelicals Failed Me

 JANUARY 5, 2020 BY RFR By Amy Marie Ayres — I was a 22-year-old single female living in Southern California. The worst thing you could say about me is that I smoked a lot of pot.  I didn’t have a heavy-drinking problem, I wasn’t into hard drugs, I wasn’t sexually promiscuous, but I often felt like a […]

This Cowardly Evangelical Leader Has Opted for Silence in the Age of Trump

BY BETH STONE BURNER DECEMBER 28, 2019 Leith Anderson, the current head of the National Association of Evangelicals, is one of the few prominent evangelical pastors who has stayed relatively silent on all things political. Given the number of times we’ve heard from the likes of Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress about how Donald Trump is the next best thing to the […]

Has Franklin Graham Gone Off the Rails?

 NOVEMBER 29, 2019 BY ROGER E. OLSON Has Franklin Graham Gone Off the Rails? According to many news reports, during a podcast interview with author Eric Metaxas Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham said that opposition to President Trump is “almost demonic” and amounts to “spiritual warfare.” This took me back, way back, to the days of […]