Louisiana Pastor Hosts Hundreds Because COVID-19 Is “Politically Motivated”

BY VAL WILDE  MARCH 20, 2020 While the rest of us practice social distancing — even the Vatican has canceled live gatherings for the foreseeable future, despite Easter’s rapid approach — Baton Rouge Pastor Tony Spell (below) continues to hold live gatherings for hundreds of believers, encouraging them to “keep going to church” in defiance of a state order that says […]

The Christian Slapfight Over the Toronto Blessing Reveals a Dealbreaker Problem

 JANUARY 18, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Man alive, ain’t nothing more entertaining to me than watching Christians argue about doctrine. And their slapfights around the Toronto Blessing (TTB) might be some of the best reality-TV the religion’s had in recent memory. This whole thing happened decades ago, but they’re still not ready to make nice–even at the […]

How Evangelicals Failed Me

 JANUARY 5, 2020 BY RFR By Amy Marie Ayres — I was a 22-year-old single female living in Southern California. The worst thing you could say about me is that I smoked a lot of pot.  I didn’t have a heavy-drinking problem, I wasn’t into hard drugs, I wasn’t sexually promiscuous, but I often felt like a […]

Trump Adviser: Policy Shift On West Bank Settlements Recognizes ‘Biblical Prophecy’

NOVEMBER 19, 2019 BY MICHAEL STONE Cheering for Armageddon: Evangelicals cheer after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces that Israeli settlements on the West Bank no longer violate international law. NPR reports: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday the Trump administration’s latest pro-Israel change in U.S. policy, saying the State Department is rescinding a […]

Christopher Hitchens Ripping Islam Apart

Christopher Hitchens Ripping Islam Apart is a compilation video of some amazing moments of our beloved and dearly missed Christopher Hitchens. Christopher Eric Hitchens was an author, columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic, and journalist. Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays […]

Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

DEC. 12, 2019, AT 6:00 AM By Daniel Cox and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux Millennials have earned a reputation for reshaping industries and institutions — shaking up the workplace, transforming dating culture, and rethinking parenthood. They’ve also had a dramatic impact on American religious life. Four in ten millennials now say they are religiously unaffiliated, according to the Pew Research Center. In fact, millennials (those […]

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