Famine in the Bible is more than a curse: It is a signal of change and a chance for a new beginning

Joel Baden, Professor of Hebrew Bible, Yale Divinity SchoolApril 21, 2021·6 min read As the coronavirus spread rapidly around the world last year, the United Nations warned that the economic disruption of the pandemic could result in famines of “biblical proportions.” The choice of words conveys more than just scale. Biblical stories of devastating famines are familiar […]

The Damn Commandments

Dennis Prager’s “university” made another video wherein he says a whole lot of things that are just laughably wrong. It is bad enough that he thinks the ten commandments are real and significant, but then he said that no one could determine anything by evidence; we need ‘authorities’ instead. But when he started talking about […]

The Ten Commandments

Aron ra There is no greater damnation of the commandments than reading what the Bible has to say about them. Anyone who argues for reverence of the damn Commandments in our government buildings should see this video and shut up afterward. This was my presentation to the Secular Humanists of East Texas at Stephan F […]

Has Franklin Graham Gone Off the Rails?

 NOVEMBER 29, 2019 BY ROGER E. OLSON Has Franklin Graham Gone Off the Rails? According to many news reports, during a podcast interview with author Eric Metaxas Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham said that opposition to President Trump is “almost demonic” and amounts to “spiritual warfare.” This took me back, way back, to the days of […]

Bible Quote for December 7

Kill Babies and Old Men I will spend on them woe upon woe and exhaust all my arrows against them: “Emaciating hunger and consuming fever and bitter pestilence, And the teeth of wild beasts I will send among them, with the venom of reptiles gliding in the dust.  “Snatched away by the sword in the […]

Bible Quotes for December 6

Bible Quotes for December 6 Starving Children Satisfies the Lord Those killed by the sword are far better off than those who die of hunger, wasting away for want of food.  Tenderhearted women have cooked their own children and eaten them in order to survive the siege.  But now the anger of the LORD is […]

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