Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

 AUGUST 29, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Is Donald Trump the Antichrist, or does the book called Revelation say nothing about either person? Donald Trump, the Antichrist? Things are pretty bad. Can we possibly have a POTUS more disastrous than Donald Trump? What a chilling consideration to make! Terrifying to imagine it, yes, I do think […]

The Christianese to Know for the Endtimes Apocalypse

JULY 9, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, I showed you a story about how right-wing American Christians tried really hard to help fanatical Jews in Israel breed the SUPER-COW THAT WOULD END THE WORLD. That story reminded me that there is a wealth of Christianese that these Christians have developed around that topic. So […]