Apocalypse Then VS. Apocalypse Now

 AUGUST 26, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Apocalypse then meant something, and Revelation, as well as any other Scripture, must first be read according to this literal sense. How differently we read Apocalypse these days compared with how it’s first audience read it. Apocalypse then? It was understood to be about the sky and it’s denizens, an ancient Israelite astronomic report. […]

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

 AUGUST 29, 2020 BY FELLOW DYING INMATE Is Donald Trump the Antichrist, or does the book called Revelation say nothing about either person? Donald Trump, the Antichrist? Things are pretty bad. Can we possibly have a POTUS more disastrous than Donald Trump? What a chilling consideration to make! Terrifying to imagine it, yes, I do think […]