The Jesus Beatings Shall Continue Until Salvation Improves (Only God Can)

Hello and welcome back! Lately we’ve been talking about the horrible Christian movie Only God Can. In it, we encounter a great many tropes beloved of evangelicals. And one of their very favorites–said in that Zorg voice of course, mah fav’rit–involves how they see their god engaging with humanity. See, he’s got a novel approach to winning […]

Atheist Billboard in Knoxville (TN) Calls God and Government “a Dangerous Mix”

BY HEMANT MEHTA NOVEMBER 1, 2019 A billboard that just went up in Knoxville, Tennessee warns people that “God & Government [are] a Dangerous Mix.” It’s sponsored by the East Tennessee Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation: “There is a healthy amount of Christian privilege on display in East Tennessee,” [President Aleta Ledendecker] says. “The local chapter of FFRF […]

Most Christians Are Better Than Christianity: A Response to Nicholas Kristof

BY HEMANT MEHTA OCTOBER 29, 2019 This is a guest post by Andrew Seidel. He is an attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the author of The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American. … In the New York Times op-ed pages, Nicholas Kristof argued that Jesus Christ’s “brand” had been tarnished by bigots and opportunist politicians who employ it […]

The Satanic Temple—Known for Church-State Activism—is Launching a TV Service

 NOVEMBER 1, 2019 BY DAVID G. MCAFEE2 Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, and now… the Satanic Temple TV. You have probably heard of the Satanic Temple due to their activism – the religious group is well known for challenging state-sponsored Christianity and putting up their own controversial statues. They are also known for having to explain that […]