Christian ‘Prophet’ Claims Black Men Are Hanging Themselves To Prevent Trump’s Reelection

 JUNE 19, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Madness: Trump’s “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor claims black men are hanging themselves to start a “civil war” and prevent Trump’s reelection. Taylor’s deplorable remarks come after six people of color have died in a recent string of hangings across the country since the police killing of George Floyd. Right Wing Watch reports: Mark […]

Franklin Graham Rejects Science, Claims ‘Science Isn’t Truth – God Is’

 JUNE 22, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Idiot For Jesus: Trying to repudiate statements made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, leading evangelist Franklin Graham claims that “science isn’t truth – God is.” Graham, posting on Facebook, expressed anger that one of the nation’s top infectious disease experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci, suggested that “anti-science bias” is a problem in […]

Report: Trump Administration’s Church Bailouts Cost Taxpayers $6-10 Billion

JULY 7, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Tax The Churches: A new report from American Atheists, a religious equality organization, finds that the Trump administration spent $6 to $10 billion taxpayer dollars on church bailouts this year. In addition to the $6 to $10 billion taxpayer dollars spent on church bailouts, American Atheists “estimated that another $4 to $8 […]

Mike Huckabee Downplays COVID-19, Claims Real Danger Is ‘Virus Of Sin’

APRIL 2, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Maybe The Real Danger Is Mike Huckabee: Conservative Christian Mike Huckabee claims that COVID-19 isn’t the real danger, because the real danger is the “virus of sin.” In a recent post for the Christian publication  Charisma News, the Trump-loving former Arkansas Governor and former Republican presidential candidate wrote that the risk from […]

Megachurch youth paster and aspiring Christian pop start Jordan Baird will only server 8 Months for sexually abusing a teen girl in his congregation.

FEBRUARY 23, 2018 BY MICHAEL STONE Jordan Baird, megachurch youth pastor and aspiring Christian pop star, will only serve eight months for sexually abusing a teen girl in his congregation. Earlier this year in Virginia Baird was found guilty on five counts of indecent liberties with a minor by a custodian, after a four-day jury trial […]