Preacher Threatens To Sue School After Daughter Was Sent Home For Wearing Anti-Gay Shirt

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Teaching Children To Hate: A conservative Christian preacher in Tennessee is threatening to sue his daughter’s public high school after the girl was sent home for wearing an anti-gay shirt proclaiming “Homosexuality is a sin.” The Christian Post reports: An outspoken Christian preacher and activist is accusing his daughter’s school of […]

Mike Huckabee: If Christians Don’t Vote For Trump Their Churches Will Be Taxed

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Tax The Church: Mike Huckabee is warning conservative Christians that if they don’t vote for Trump their churches will be taxed and will eventually be forced to shut down. Huckabee, speaking on Intercessors for America’s monthly prayer call last Friday, banged the drum of religious freedom while warning conservative Christians […]

Orthodox Church Leader Who Blamed COVID-19 On Gays Is Now Sick With Virus

 SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE When In Doubt, They Blame The Gays: Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Filaret contracts coronavirus after blaming gays for the virus. The church leader who recently claimed COVID-19 was “God’s punishment” for same-sex marriage has been hospitalized after testing positive for the virus.  ABC News reports: Leading Ukrainian religious figure Patriarch Filaret […]

Michele Bachmann: Bible Warned ‘Transgender Marxists’ Would Overthrow U.S. Government

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE The Stupid, It Burns: Former Minnesota congresswoman and Christian extremist Michele Bachmann claims that “transgender Marxists” are “seeking to overthrow” the U.S. government, just like the Bible predicted. Bachmann, appearing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s “The Victory Channel” last week said: Antifa is, if you go to their website, their materials, they […]

Why America isn’t a Christian Nation.

 SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 BY ROGER WOLSEY Newsweek recently published an article reporting that “52 Percent of Americans Say Jesus Isn’t God but Was a Great Teacher.” The article was based upon an article in The Christian Post which had the title “A Majority Of Americans Think Jesus Is A Great Teacher Yet Reject His Claims To Be God.” I have several responses. First […]

Christian Crowdfunding Site Raising Money For Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse

 AUGUST 28, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Domestic Terrorism For Jesus: The Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo is hosting a fundraising drive for alleged domestic terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse after legitimate crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe refused to do so. GiveSendGo, which self-identifies as the “fastest growing Christian Crowdfunding site made by Christians for Christians,” has already raised over a […]

Florida Lawmaker Who Thanks God For Slavery Loses Re-Election Bid

AUGUST 21, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Good News: Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels, the lawmaker who thanks God for slavery, lost her bid for re-election earlier this week. The Center Square reports: State Rep. Kim Daniels was defeated in her Democratic primary… Daniels managed only 40.2 percent of Tuesday’s vote, losing to community activist Angie Nixon, who received […]

COVID Outbreak Linked To Televangelist Who Claimed Jesus Protects Christians From Virus

JULY 26, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Selling Snake Oil: A COVID outbreak is being linked to a Bible conference held by televangelist Andrew Wommack, who recently promised his followers that Jesus protects Christians from the coronavirus. Westword reports: Colorado Springs-based Andrew Wommack Ministries followed up a six-day conference with a celebration attended by over 800 people, despite an attempt […]

Florida Christians Claim ‘Biblically Wrong’ Face Mask Mandate Interferes With Prayer

 AUGUST 4, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Because The Bible: Florida Christians are fighting a local face mask mandate, holding rallies and launching lawsuits while claiming that the mandate is “Biblically wrong” and “interferes with the ability to pray.” The Bradenton Herald reports: A Palmetto pastor and a state politician have sued Manatee County government over its mandatory […]

GOP Activist DeAnna Lorraine: ‘God Does Not Want Us Wearing Masks’

JULY 17, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Stupid For Jesus: GOP Activist DeAnna Lorraine claims “God does not want us wearing masks” to stop the spread of COVID-19. During a livestream broadcast yesterday, Lorraine, a Trump-loving Q-Anon conspiracy theorist who recently lost her 2020 primary bid to unseat Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional District, declared: Biblically, God does not want […]

Christian Activist: Women’s Right To Vote ‘Product Of Soviet Bolshevik Revolution’

 JULY 13, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Misogyny For Jesus: Conservative Christian activist Scott Lively claims a woman’s right to vote is a “product of the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution” and runs contrary to “a truly Biblical worldview.” Lively, a radical anti-LGBT Trump-loving conservative Christian, made his remarks during Sunday’s “Breaking News Bible Study” program, which airs on […]

When Christians Treat God Like a Baby

 JULY 11, 2020 BY BOB SEIDENSTICKER My oldest granddaughter is now four years old, and I remember playing with her in her first year. I found myself treating her like I did my dog. Neither understood English very well, but they could understand tone. She grabs her toy? “What a smart girl!” She rolls over? “What […]

Trump Spiritual Adviser Paula White Claims She Made White House ‘Holy Ground’

JULY 9, 2019 BY MICHAEL STONE Hubris for Jesus: President Trump’s spiritual adviser, Pastor Paula White, claims the White House is “holy ground” because, according to the Trump-loving televangelist, wherever she stands is “holy.” Pastor White, preaching at The River Church in Tampa, Florida, last month, declared that God made the White House “holy ground” because wherever she […]

Three Christian Activists Arrested For Refusing To Wear Masks At City Council Meeting

JULY 10, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Martyrs To Ignorance: Three Christian activists in Florida were arrested after refusing to wear masks during a Cape Coral City Council meeting earlier this week. NBC News affiliate reports: Three people were arrested for resisting officers without violence outside of the Cape Coral City Council meeting Monday afternoon. The three were […]

Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Calls Slavery ‘Blessing’ – Divine Gift For White People

 JUNE 16, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Racism for Jesus: Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Louie Giglio is facing criticism after arguing that slavery should be seen as a “white blessing” because it provided “the framework for the world that white people live in and lived in.” The Ledger-Enquirer reports: Georgia pastor draws backlash after suggesting slavery was a ‘white […]

Furious Franklin Graham Enraged After SCOTUS Bans LGBT Job Discrimination

JUNE 16, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Thoughts and Prayers: Franklin Graham is furious after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. On the landmark ruling that federal protections prohibiting job discrimination because of sex includes LGBT individuals, the Associated Press reports: The Supreme Court ruled Monday […]

Pentecostal Church Responsible For Oregon’s Largest COVID-19 Outbreak

JUNE 18, 2020 BY MICHAEL STONE Who Would Jesus Infect? A large Pentecostal church in rural northeast Oregon has been linked to the state’s largest COVID-19 outbreak. Associated Press reports:  A church in rural northeastern Oregon is now the epicenter of the state’s largest coronavirus outbreak, as 236 people tested positive for the disease, authorities said Tuesday. […]