JANUARY 20, 2021

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, who said earlier that Donald Trump won a surefire landslide victory in the election he lost and that God told her Trump would remain in office, now has the difficult task of trying to defend those statements on the eve of Joe Biden‘s inauguration.

You know she’s not about to apologize.

Instead, during an interview yesterday, she claimed today’s inauguration would be “fake” and “not what’s real.”

There’s so much activity going on. Things are already starting to crumble under the feet of those who think they have won… You need to remember, that’s why God will tell me specific things. I know what He’s saying because I see it… Something is happening — major. And I wanna encourage everybody, right from the start, that doesn’t mean that Biden won’t have his fake inauguration tomorrow. But you have to understand, it’s not what’s real!

Uh… it’s real. Trump has already moved his stuff to Florida. Members of his administration have resigned or quit in anticipation of what’s to come. The farewell speeches have already been made. The conspiracies have not borne out and the wingnuts are scraping the bottom of the internet barrel to find a way to communicate with each other because the usual cesspools of social media want nothing to do with them.

The host of the show said nothing to challenge her delusions. Because challenging delusions goes against the entire platform of remaining Trump supporters.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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