SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack has said repeatedly in the past that anyone with faith can raise people from the dead. It even happened to his son and his wife and two babies.

On Tuesday, he criticized everyone who thinks he’s making it up, saying they’re just not faithful enough.

… If you got born again, your faith that you use for salvation is more than enough to see the dead raised — or anything else if you doubt not… And most people don’t fight unbelief. What they do is say, “Oh God, give me more faith!”

So when you hear something that is contrary to the word of God — a doctor’s report, a banker’s report, anybody else, your own thoughts — you have to take those thoughts captive…

… So your faith is more than enough to see the dead raised. I’ve seen multiple people raised from the dead, and it wasn’t a great faith statement. It was just I had no doubt associated with it

Why is it always the people with the most ignorance who have the least doubt?

Needless to say, all Wommack needs to do to convince people he’s telling the truth is some video. Or maybe spending his free time in the child cancer ward of a hospital. He’ll never do that, though. He just wants to convince you he has magical God-given powers without ever taking the step of proving it. His followers know better than to ever challenge him.

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