AUGUST 27, 2020

Christian scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland wants you to know that if you vote for Joe Biden, you’re practically a murderer.

Copeland made the comments to Charisma’s Stephen Strang during a podcast on Monday.

RightWingWatch · RWW News: Kenneth Copeland Says Anyone Who Doesn’t Vote for Trump Is ‘Guilty of Murder’

“It really is socialism, and I never thought I would live long enough to see a socialist of any major party run for president, yet that’s what we’re dealing with this year,” Strang continued. “A lot of Christians aren’t registered to vote. We’re afraid that a lot of Christians will stay home instead of vote. Why do you think there’s such apathy in the body of Christ?”

“Lack of knowledge,” Copeland replied. “Any Christian who stays at home and doesn’t vote is guilty of murder. Every person who votes for someone knowing that they push for abortion and to kill a baby anytime they want to kill it, they’re just as guilty as the doctor that performed the abortion. There’s no way around.”

Somehow, the nearly 180,000 COVID deaths under the Trump administration are entirely forgivable, but the (inevitable lower) abortion rates under a Democratic president still make Biden’s supporters stone-cold killers…

The idea that Biden, the most moderate milquetoast candidate Democrats could have chosen, is some kind of left-wing Socialist is laughable. I wish he was. He’s not. This is how conservative Christians operate, though. Everyone even slightly liberal is deemed a radical Socialist and a baby killer, regardless of the facts.

You have to be willfully stupid to buy into that labeling, but if you’re the sort of Christian who believes Kenneth Copeland about anything, you’re almost certainly in that camp.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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