Small Reasons To Reject Christianity

Here’s a sampling from multiple authors over hundreds of years offering Small Reasons to reject Christianity: To say that God has ‘mercy’ on humanity can only mean that God’s laws are either defectively harsh to begin with and require mercy to moderate them, or that God is defectively lenient in not applying his original punishments […]

Trump Wanted to Nuke Hurricanes

 AUGUST 26, 2019 BY ED BRAYTON Just when you thought you’d hit bottom on Trump’s ignorance and stupidity, he proves that he can get worse. In a meeting with his national security team, he actually askedwhy they can’t just nuke the eye of a hurricane to stop it from hitting the United States. No, this is not […]

After Losing Ten Commandments Battle, NM City Tries Crowdfunding Legal Bill

BY HEMANT MEHTA AUGUST 25, 2019 For more than six years, the city of Bloomfield, New Mexico tried defending an illegal stand-alone Ten Commandments monument outside a local municipal building. The monument was put up for overtly religious reasons in 2011, which is why it was ruled unconstitutional by multiple courts. Instead of accepting that result, […]