Evangelicals Who Don’t Believe in Christ?

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 BY GENE VEITH A majority of Americans, 52%, agree with the statement, “Jesus was a great teacher, but he was not God.”   That’s not surprising.  But what is surprising is that nearly one-in-three (30%) of evangelical Christians also agree in rejecting the deity of Christ. That is one of the findings of the State of Theology study sponsored by […]

Netflix’s ‘American Gospel’ Grossly Misrepresents Catholic Teaching (PART ONE)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 BY RENÉ ALBERT The latest Christian documentary on Netflix has arrived to dismantle the blight of Prosperity Theology that has taken Evangelical culture by storm. American Gospel is a much-needed message to shake up American Christians from their indifference towards a movement that manipulates vulnerable people into tithing with the false expectation of […]

Recovering the Atonement

SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 BY GENE VEITH According to a new study, over half of Americans (52%) who describe themselves as “Christians”–including 41% of evangelicals–believe that salvation comes from doing good works, rather than from faith in the saving work of Christ. And no wonder.  The doctrine of the atonement–that on the cross Christ bore our sins and […]

Adam, Christ, and Evolution

JULY 17, 2020 BY AVELLINA BALESTRI The theory of the evolution of species has rocked the world of traditional religious thought ever since it first gained prominence. To this day, even among those who accept theistic evolution, there is a tendency to strain over the concepts presented in Genesis, and try to make them graft with […]

Protestantism without the Christianity

JULY 7, 2020 BY GENE VEITH Here is another word for you:  Post-Protestant.  The term refers to the Protestant mindset that continues, even though the Protestant religious beliefs that formed that mindset have faded away. In the course of an article on the current unrest in America, Mark Tooley–a conservative Methodist who has long battled the […]