Conspiracy Theorist: I Will Refuse the COVID Vaccine Even “If Jesus Takes It”

BY BETH STONEBURNER  DECEMBER 11, 2020 Not that anyone was asking, but conservative activist and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine wants you to know that she will never, ever take a COVID-19 vaccine — not even if Jesus were to take it: “Apparently Donald Trump just said he’s willing to take the vaccine also live on TV,” Lorraine complained. “I […]

Survey: U.S. Christians Are Uniquely Ignorant About Accepting Evolution

BY HEMANT MEHTA DECEMBER 11, 2020 Yesterday, the Pew Research Center released the results of a new international survey focused on biotechnology research. But I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of charts all about acceptance of evolution, the understanding of which is a prerequisite to knowing how CRISPR gene-editing technology works. If you understand […]

Vaccine Developed Against Religion

DECEMBER 7, 2020 BY ANDREW HALL As some pharmaceutical companies race to discover and produce vaccines for COVID-19, there are many organizations that are experimenting with drugs that will protect against various cancers. One in three Americans will contract some sort of cancer in their lifetime and as the population gets older, the more people […]

Pastor who advocated ‘fleshly discipline’ allegedly molested a teen

DECEMBER 7, 2020 BY BARRY DUKE BACK in 2016 Minneapolis pastor Robert McKenzie leader of Word of Faith Ministries, used YouTube to encourage his followers to embark on a ten-day biblical fast. The Daniel Diet, he suggested, would ‘disciple one’s flesh’ and draw people closer to God. But four years later, McKenzie – possibly off the broccoli and beans […]

Evangelical Disobedience in Personal Evangelism (Means a Lot)

DECEMBER 6, 2020 BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Hi and welcome back! We’ve been talking about personal evangelism lately — that person-to-person kind of recruiting that evangelical laypeople do themselves when they’re away from church. Recently, I’ve noticed that evangelical leaders have been demanding this evangelism more and more from their flocks. And by the same token, the flocks seem […]

What Does Critical Thinking Mean when You’re in a Conspiracy Theory?

DECEMBER 7, 2020 BY LIBBY ANNE I recently came upon an Answers in Genesis article that piqued my interest: Are fossils “rock-solid” evidence for evolution? Museums and textbooks might say so, but here’s how you can apply the 7 Checks of Critical Thinking to reach a biblical, logical conclusion about any “transitional fossil” claim. The young earth creationists […]