GOD has allegedly been answering the prayers of millions ‘throughout Britain’s history,’ so some Christian numpty thought the time had come to to build a bloody great monument on the outskirts of Birmingham to recognise the fact

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The brainchild of Richard Gamble, above, a former Leicester City Football Club chaplain, the wall, according to its website, is “a visionary project” by  Gamble, former Leicester City “to build a colossal national landmark.”

Richard’s idea is to provoke an on-going conversation around the purpose and value of prayer. The message that Jesus is alive and answers prayer will be represented by one million bricks with each and every brick telling a unique story.

The sheer scale of The Wall in a prominent location will place the landmark and its message at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. This piece of public art will be designed to stand for generations.

The wall will be made up of a million “interactive bricks.” This video explains how it will work:

The thing’s been on the drawing board for years, but it’s only just been revealed that it has been given planning permission.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands and a member of the judging panel who decided on the design, said:

I am delighted the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer has now finally got planning permission and work can get underway. It’s an incredibly ambitious, stunning project and is a landmark for the Midlands.

What the wall will look like after completion. Image via Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer.

It has been a long process, but this landmark will serve as a place of hope for many, and one that will help us remember the Christian heritage of our nation. A massive thank you should go to everyone involved who has turned this vision into reality.

Welcoming the news, Gamble said:

It’s been 16 years since the idea was first born. To finally receive the official consent is incredible. We are building a very special landmark and it is an amazing opportunity for the British people to leave a legacy of hope for future generations.

We want to celebrate and remember all the prayers that God has answered for individuals throughout our nation’s history.

Each answered prayer could provide hope to those who visit. Our desire is to create thought-provoking public art and offer a space for recreation and reflection for everyone.

Our hope is that those who visit will see how God can bring peace in life’s storms and be encouraged to reflect on the power and relevance of prayer.

Christians are being encouraged to send in their answered prayers so they can be represented in the monument … oh, and send money to help build it.

At the time of posting this, 24,602 had posted details of their answered prayers.

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The project has cross denominational support. Rev Yinka Oyekan, above, President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, is one of several senior church leaders to give their backing. He said:

Eternal Wall will be a permanent reminder of the power embedded in prayer, a power that produces an irrepressible hope enabling the scaling of any mountain. It will also be a lasting symbol of what faith can accomplish.

On completion, the monument will standing at 169 feet. It will also host a visitor centre, cafe, bookstore and 24 hour on site chaplaincy service.

All we need now is to have it dwarfed into insignificance by a massive Eternal Wall of Unanswered Prayers.

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