Let’s Outgrow Fairy Tales

OCTOBER 28, 2019 BY JAMES A. HAUGHT By James A. Haught The supernatural spectrum is immense: Gods, goddesses, devils, demons, angels, heavens, hells, purgatories, limbos, miracles, prophecies, visions, auras, saviors, saints, virgin births, immaculate conceptions, resurrections, bodily ascensions, faith-healings, salvation, redemption, messages from the dead, voices from Atlantis, omens, clairvoyance, spirit-signals, spirit-possession, exorcisms, divine visitations, incarnations, […]

Worshiping a Monster

 SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 BY ADAM LEE By James A. Haught Exodus 12 says God killed thousands of Egyptian children at Passover, “and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a home where there was not one dead.” Genesis 19 says God burned residents of Sodom and Gomorrah alive, presumably including babies and […]