Manly Men of the Bible

 SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 BY LIBBY ANNE This tweet caught my eye recently: another response to a critique of “biblical manhood.” how does Elijah fit the “biblical manhood” ideal? all this dude did was chill with birds — Socially-Distanced Universal Friend (@GrumpyTheology) September 14, 2020 The whole thread is interesting: Also, Samson is an…interesting choice for “biblical manhood.” easily […]

When “Christian” Means “White People”

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 BY LIBBY ANNE Last week, televangelist Pat Robertson had this to say of the Black Lives Matter movement: “They’re talking about Marxist communism. They’re talking about destroying the nuclear family. They’re talking about destroying essentially Christianity as being racist. And all the way through, they want to upend the capitalist structure and destroy America. “People […]