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Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

what version of christianity is he talking about because this isnt christianity it all about hate and separation….
WAIT .,.. does the bible claim our leader are place there by god…
The god they talking about doesnt have a image but im listening ..

Again placing the blame of demons and not the lack of effect on there god…

God has no image outside of the out right gulliable people of the world.

What did jesus say… no one knows. .because we cant prove jesus every existed.

Jesus claimed love look up what the bible claims jesus said about slavery. Slave obey your master even the cruel ones check out 1 peter 2:18 i believe. That not love that evil or is the story of jesus created from the old testment just reinforcing that though that all people arent equal… hmm

Why do human have to defend the image of god … wont it make more sense if god would do demostrate it as claimed by the bible that god want everyone to know him… hmmmm

This dude is full of shit

By athiest

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