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Wed. Oct 28th, 2020


Trump’s entire presidency has been transactional. By this, I mean that he does things only with himself in mind and so that he gets some kind of benefit. Sort of quid pro quo. Do you remember that term?

With everything that Trump does or says we can always ask “Why did he say that?” to investigate the answer because it will never primarily be “for the benefit of the American public”.

He just got Covid-19 and went to hospital and received the best medical care in the world.


Because, of course, you remember that he only paid $750 a year in federal taxes for the first two years of office. He then comes out of hospital and tells everyone that Covid is nothing to be afraid of, that the public should just get out there and battle it.

Recent estimates show that his treatment would have cost the average taxpayer $100,000 dollars. That’s rich coming from him. He pays virtually nothing towards his care, gets the best care possible, and comes out to tell everyone not to worry about it. He was flown by helicopter to receive the best treatment to return to his residence that has an in-house clinic. But the rest of us, we needn’t worry about it. Just get out there.

But what’s worse is what he has also said since coming out. He was on a cocktail of drugs and treatments and we know, when there are so many variables, that this is not a fair test and isolating causality is extremely tough.

However, Dr Trump seems to have the answer to his successful recovery: Regeneron.

Regeneron, Regeneron, Regeneron.

He has claimed this is the one that worked for him, this was the magic bullet. See in this time-stamped video his own White House lawn declaration:

So why does he keep talking about Regeneron? Here are some things to take into account:

  • The CEO of the company is a friend (Lenny) and member of Trump’s golf course.
  • Trump has had stocks in the company.
  • Trump’s administration gave them a $450million grant in July.
  • The relationship casts new light on Trump’s ability to access the treatment, which has not been approved for widespread use, and incorrect public proclamations that it is a “cure” for Covid-19
  • The experimental therapy is unavailable to most Americans with fewer than 10 other people having been treated under compassionate use arrangements, a Regeneron spokesperson said.
  • Trump piled lavish praise on the therapy following his treatment, incorrectly calling it a “cure” before vowing, without saying how, to make it available to all Americans for free; Regeneron’s antibody therapy is not currently approved for widespread use and is still undergoing clinical trials.
  • Following the president’s comments, the biotechnology firm applied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use approval.

Once you know this, his statements in the video above make sooo much more sense.

Of course, what Trump doesn’t say is that the drug was developed using cells from aborted foetuses.

This is just another example of the despicable nature of the administration. Again, we should ask of Trump defenders: what would you say if Obama carried out these same actions and said these things during his tenure?

Talking of evangelicals and abortions, this Pete Buttigieg clip is priceless:

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