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Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020


 JANUARY 7, 2020

Here’s the good news: According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, most Americans not named Jenny McCarthy agree with scientists and say the “benefits of the MMR vaccine outweigh the risks.” That’s good. That’s the right answer. 88% of Americans are on the right side of the issue.

That number goes up to 93% among Americans with college degrees and drops to 83% for people without them. It’s also lower (81%) for lower income families.

When you break the numbers down by religion, though, you can really see a difference.

An incredible 96% of atheists agree the MMR vaccine should be mandatory for the sake of public health while only 4% say parents should be allowed to opt out on behalf of their kids.

It’s only 77% for white evangelicals. 75% for Black Protestants. And 78% for the spiritually wishy-washy “Nones” who aren’t atheists or agnostics.

There’s a clear price society pays because large groups of religious people refuse to accept scientific realities. Their ignorance puts everyone at risk.

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